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GameZer | Billiards Online Games

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Join the Worldwide Billiards Community and play free online billiards games with thousands users online from around the world. There are a variety of games played on billiards tables. Meet and play head-to-head the most popular of pocket games: 8-ball billiards, 9-ball billiards, Straight Pool, Snooker, Pyramid and Carom or select the Bot Player to play against the computer. Invite your friends and chat with others all over the world!
Create your Group and play with your friends in your own room

Chess is a board game and a mental sport for two players. It is played on a square board of 8 rows (called ranks) and 8 columns (called files), giving 64 squares of alternating colour, light and dark, with each player having a light square at his bottom right when facing the board. Each player begins the game with 16 pieces that each move and capture other pieces on the board in a unique way.

Checkers (Draughts) is a two-player game, where one player is assigned white checkers and the other black. The aim of the game is to capture the other player's checkers or make them impossible to move.

The most fun game is Gladiator!
As a gladiator your task is to fight and survive in the arena. There are two types of the game Classic and Expert.

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